Section 8

The Section 8 Rental Assistance Program

The Section 8 Rental Assistance Program provides rental assistance in the form of rent subsidies to low-income families who rent from private landlords.

The Norman Housing Authority (NHA) is assisting 1,185 participants under the Section 8 Rental Assistance Program. The qualified family finds their own rental unit; however, the unit must meet our housing inspection codes and rent limitations under the payment standards established by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development. Under this program, the resident pays the landlord a portion of rent, which is based off income. The Norman Housing Authority pays the remaining balance to the landlord. The rental unit must be located within the Norman City Limits. The resident and the landlord maintain their rights under the Oklahoma Landlord Tenant Act as the lease is between the Landlord and Resident.

Section 8 Eligibility

and Income Limits

How It's Determined

Eligibility is determined by family size, and gross (before any taxes or deductions) annual income for the family. You may be eligible as an individual or by a family if your gross annual income does not exceed income guidelines established by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). There are no minimum income requirements.

All household members, 18 years and older, are subject to criminal background investigations which includes the sex offender database. Any household member who has engaged in criminal activity, or violated a family obligation with a HUD program is not eligible to receive Housing Assistance for a period of three (3) years. Any household member who has engaged in drug related activity is not eligible to receive Housing Assistance for a period of one (1) year. If money is owed to a Housing Authority for an outstanding claim, the balance will need to be paid-in-full to be eligible to receive Housing Assistance.

Current Income Limits

Number in the Family

Income Limits

















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Ready to Apply?

Here's How!

We have went back to PAPER APPLICATIONS that will now be accepted in office during normal business hours. Applications must be submitted in person. Mailed and faxed applications will not be accepted. 

Monday thru Thursday:

8:00am — 5:00pm

(Closed for lunch):

1:00pm — 1:30pm


8:00am — 11:30am

Once you submit your Section 8 Preliminary Application with our office, it is the applicant's responsibility to ensure all information remains current. All applicants are required to notify our office in writing of any mailing address or telephone number changes by completing our Change of Address form.

Once your application comes to the top of the waiting list, you will be notified by regular mail. If we are unable to contact you because a letter is returned because of an invalid address, your name will be removed from the waiting list.

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Portability is the ability of the family to move from the current housing agency's jurisdiction to another housing agency's jurisdiction. Voucher families who are eligible may move anywhere in the United States where a housing agency is administering the Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher Program. In order to "port" to another agency you must have been a resident in good standing in Norman at least one (1) year. If you decide you would like to move to another jurisdiction outside of Norman City limits, you should contact your NHA Representative and they will provide the necessary information and procedures.

After you have been approved by your PHA to transfer to Norman, all paperwork should be mailed to:

Housing Authority of the City of Norman

Attn: Portability
700 N. Berry Road
Norman, OK 73069

Or you can fax your paperwork to:
Attn: Section 8 Vouchers/Portability
Fax: (405) 329-2542

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