Public Housing

Public Housing Eligibility & Income Limits

You may be eligible as an individual or a family if your total household income level does not exceed the HUD established Low-Income standards for the Metropolitan Statistical Area.

There is no minimum income level, and depending on the number of family members, a family making in excess of $41,000 per year can still be eligible for housing.

Your rent will be determined based on the total income of the individual or family requesting residence. There are also allowable deductions taken into consideration when determining a resident's rent. Annual reexaminations ensure that the amount of rent you pay does not exceed 30 percent of your adjusted monthly income.

Should your family's composition or income change during the year, interim reexaminations are made.

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Reminder to all public housing residents:

If you are claiming you have no source of income; you are required to complete a Family Living Expense Form each month and turn it into the Public Housing Office no later then the 15th of the month.

If you do not turn the required FLE form into our office by the 15th of each month, you will be in violation of your dwelling lease and your lease will be terminated.

The FLE form REQUIRES you to attach copies of ALL monthly bills (ie:):

  • Utilities
  • Telephones
  • Car payments
  • Car insurance
  • Cable TV, etc.

- along with written, signed and dated statements from the person(s) providing financial assistance (loan, paying your bill(s), etc.).

If you do not attach copies of the required bills to your FLE, it will not be accepted by the Public Housing Office, therefore placing you in violation of your dwelling lease.

Failure to provide complete information or the making of false, fictitious, or fraudulent statements will result in immediate lease termination.

You May Be Eligible

Check Qualifications Below

You Could Qualify If:

  • You have a good housing history.
  • You are a family or single person whose income does not exceed established limits.
  • You or family members that will reside with you are not a lifetime registered sex offender.
  • You or family members that will reside with you have not committed any drug or violent crimes in the past 5 years; excluding marijuana which is 1 year.
  • You or family members that will reside with you do not owe any money to a Housing Authority, Landlord, or Major Utility Company.
  • You or a family member have not been convicted of drug related criminal activity for the production or manufacture of methamphetamine on the premises of federally assisted housing.

Maximum Income Limits:

Number in the Family

Max Annual Gross Income Combined

















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Frequently Asked Questions

About Public Housing

Can I get assistance from you outside of the Norman area?

The Norman Housing Authority's jurisdiction only covers the Norman City limits.

What does the Housing Authority do and how can you help me?

The Norman Housing Authority owns and manages 173 units which it leases to low-income people and administers over 1,082 units of Section 8 Assistance in the Norman area only.

The rent for both programs is based on your income.

The Norman Housing Authority is basically a property management company (Landlord) who leases its own property and, administers the Section 8 Assistance Program for the Norman area.

What is the difference between Public Housing and Section 8?

Public Housing is when a Housing Authority owns and manages the property it leases. The Norman Housing Authority owns and manages 173 units, 91 apartments for the elderly/ disabled and 82 duplex sites located throughout Norman. In order to live at our elderly/disabled property you must be at least 62 years of age or deemed disabled by Social Security standards.

All of our properties are INDEPENDENT LIVING and NON-SMOKING.

Section 8 is owned and managed by private landlords who list their property with a Housing Authority/Housing Agency who, in turn, refer prospective tenants to their property.

The Housing Authority/Housing Agency also subsidizes part of the tenant's rent to the landlord. The Norman Housing Authority administers Section 8 Assistance in the Norman area only.

Do you have emergency housing?

Unfortunately, there is not emergency housing in the state of Oklahoma. We suggest you contact an assistance organization, church or other charitable organization.

See below for a list of Community Resources.

Can you help me with my mortgage payment on my home?

The Norman Housing Authority is a property management company (Landlord) and is not a lending agency or an oversight agency. We recommend that you contact your lender.

Norman Area Community Resources:



Salvation Army

Food and Shelter for Friends

Norman Shelter for Battered Women Crisis Line

Oklahoma State Department of Human Services

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